Why is it critical?

📊 Understanding electrical consumption with data: the first step towards sustainability is knowledge. Identify trends, consumption spikes and cost-saving opportunities. Accordingly, review your pricing policies to encourage economies of scale and equitably distribute energy costs based on actual consumption.

⚙️ Identifying malfunctioning pedestals: in sustainable management, detecting faulty electrical equipment is essential. These malfunctions not only waste energy but also increase the risk of accidents, which becomes a liability. That's why constant monitoring is necessary to ensure optimized consumption and safety for marina users.

♻️ Educating boaters about sustainable consumption: educating boaters about responsible energy practices is crucial. Encourage them to adopt eco-friendly habits to preserve our electicity resources.

By sustainably managing electrical consumption in marinas, we contribute to environmental protection while improving operational efficiency and safety for all professionals and users. Falco offers a unique, innovative and intelligent solution to achieve this without massive investment. Join us on a journey toward a more sustainable and responsible marina.

Did-you know your pedestal can be retrofitted for remote metering?