1 App. 5 Marinas. 28 Digital user experience journeys.

SODEMO NC operates 5 marinas in New Caledonia and is officially part of the Falco family. Sodemo's challenge was to digitize its customer relationship seamlessly and efficiently by allowing all stakeholders (ranging from owners to staff, to customers and family members) to easily access all essential information from their Boater App, such as: weather and tide schedules, live webcams, news & practical information, customer account management and more!

The Sodemo App is wholly integrated with their marina management software ALIZEE SOFT. It allows for a seamless exchange of contract information, invoices, and more, and huge gains in efficiency and administrative time saved.
Today, the App can host multiple profiles depending on the customer's home marina allowing for multiple combinations of user experience journeys, appropriate access permission, and an exceptional customer experience.

Results: in just under 24 hours Sodemo had 200 users on the App, including one-third of new customers.

Falco is proud to have brought its expertise to the Sodemo in its digital transition ambition.

Falco is a partner of choice in the marina's digital success and transitions.