News from the Falco Agent App


Since the 2024 season, two new features of the Falco ecosystem have been deployed in the ports of the Sellor and Loire Atlantique Nautisme and in Port Joinville.

Thanks to the feature "dry-berthing", boaters can ask the port to launch their boat from shore storage. In just a few clicks, they inform the marina what time they need the boat and whether they have any special need (e.g. maintenance). Once the marina approved the request, the boater is notified. The list of past reservations can be consulted.

The second new feature is the boatyard service in the Falco ecosystem. Via their smartphone, the boaters take an appointment for the maintenance of their boat (sanding, painting etc.). Before approving it, the marina can add details to the booking and assign the task to a staff member. The staff registers the progression of the work in the Agent App.

Enhanced efficiency and traceability!