Front-end / Web Developer Mid 

React / React-Native / Angular 

Date: 29 October 2021 


Contract: CDI 

Location : WAI, Boulevard Poissonnière, Paris 02 or home office ~⅘ days 

Rémunération : 40/45 K selon expérience 

Experience : 4 years minimum in enterprise

Availability: Q1 2022 


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Who are you? 

You like the sea, boats and the Web?  

Are you ready to take your place in a multidisciplinary team, composed of scientists, marine professionals as well as experts in project management and digital technology? 

You are a Front-end developer and specialized in React/React-Native with a solid experience in web services development ?  

Does the maritime environment attract you?  

Thanks to your digital culture, you like to share and propose innovative ideas, be proactive, build in a team and produce concrete results 

Do you dream of making a strong impact and contributing to a unique adventure with real growth potential? 

Then you're ready to join the Falco crew! 


We are looking for a person who knows both: 

  • Work and build in a team, 
  • Collaborate with a constructive and pragmatic attitude, 
  • Speaking/Writing in English 
  • Use a winch (when the opportunity arises). 


Technical requirements: 

  • >3 years in front-end development in a company, 
  • >1 years of experience in React and/or React-Native, 
  • Mastery of front-end design and integration tools (Sketch, Figma, Zeplin...) 
  • Proficiency in collaborative development tools (Git),
  • Experience in project management (Agile). 


Extras : 

  • Experience in Angular & Ionic, 
  • Experience in CI/CD tools (Github Actions, Codemagic, Expo…) 
  • Testing and deployment of mobile applications (Android and iOS) 
  • Startup Experience.


Who are we? 

Wattson Elements is an innovative company born from French research via Inria and created in January 2019 in Paris. Our company is ready to accelerate its growth in France and internationally. 



The boating sector is undergoing a major transformation. Boating is becoming more accessible with the emergence of collaborative platforms and more diverse consumption patterns. Marinas, which used to be simply boat parking lots, are now looking to update their service offering to allow the greatest number of people to have access to water sports activities. 

Falco's mission la solution Falco Falco solution’s mission, by Wattson Elements, is to provide marinas and boaters with the appropriate technical solution to enable them to make their transition. 


Our vision 

By 2025, all major marinas in the world will be connected marinas. Wattson Elements will be a global leader in its sector, with smart solutions developed in Paris and subsidiaries in Boston (2021), Barcelona (2022) and Singapore (2023). 


Our solution 

Falco, winner of the 2019 Paris Nautic Innovation Contest, combines the best of IoT technologies with innovative web services to provide marinas with powerful management tools and novel services for their customers. 


How does it work? 

Wattson Elements is a spin-off from a research team from Inria specializing in wireless sensor networks. The Falco solution is based on a mesh network deployed in the harbor and on ships, which collects and processes millions of pieces of data in real time. 

Falco offers: 

  • the marinas: a platform to monitor its operations (occupancy of berths, security, control of consumption to encourage more sustainable behavior, monitoring of maintenance interventions, etc.) 
  • boaters: a mobile application to keep a continuous connection with the boat, to access the port services and the community of users. 

Falco is deployed in several partner marinas and received numerous requests in France and abroad. The product roadmap includes new IoT features but also a large number of digital services for the marina and its users - desktop/mobile. 

We are a team of 15 people including 4 co-founders: 

  • an experienced CEO in management and new product development, 
  • a CTO expert in IoT technologies and IT development, 
  • a Customer Support Manager with >20 years experience in the maritime and marina sector 
  • an internationally renowned scientific advisor, researcher and architect of IoT solutions 

Our values are cohesion, quality, transparency andaudacity. We do not take these values for granted and we are committed to maintaining a climate of trust and care within the team. 

We are looking to strengthen our team with an involved and motivated person in order to meet user demand, consolidate existing solutions and support our growth. 


Current context 

  • Fundraising of €1 million in December 2020, seed round during semester 1 of 2022. 
  • In-house development of our physical IoT products and digital solutions (mobile and desktop applications) 
  • Currently growing rapidly 
  • Our headquarters are in Paris but our team is flexible (South of France, Brittany, Switzerland) and we have an office in the United States 
  • International focus (projects underway in the United States and Europe) 


The advantages + 

  • You will be an important part of the team, have a direct impact on the future of the company, and build end-to-end solutions. 
  • You will go sailing!  



The first months  

  • Understand our products and services as well as the business logic. 
  • Practice with the rest of team and understand the development processes. 
  • Immerse yourself in our systems and their architecture and understand our development rules. 
  • Bring us your external point of view on our organisation as well as on our tools and methods of front-end integration and development. 
  • Work on the sailor knots. 


In 3 months time 

  • Dive into the details of implementation and be able to diagnose and resolve problems. 
  • Answer level 3 questions of the support team. 
  • Develop new features. 
  • Be able to distinguish and name the different ropes of a boat. 


In 6 months time 

  • Be the reference person on design-system and use-cases. 
  • Improve team efficiency by automating recurrent tasks. 
  • Become more and more independent by identifying and prioritizing needs. 
  • Participate in the migration of one of our interfaces (Angular -> React). 
  • Know how to change tack and how to gybe. 


In 1 year time 

  • Help to organize the development and deployment of our solutions. 
  • Being able to intervene easily on the different parts of the Front system. 
  • Work closely with the rest of the team in order to grow their skills while continuing to deliver scalable, reliable and robust products. 
  • Steer to the nearest island and furl the genoa. 


The offered position requires a high sense of responsibility in a society with strong growth prospects. You will be one of the first members of the technical team and you will be in direct contact with the founders of the company. You will play a key role in the development of the company and the realisation of our vision. 


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PDF: 2021-11 Front-end Developer - Job Description