Sébastien Rossi, Information and Technology Systems Manager at Société d'Exploitation des Ports de Monaco since 2006


Monaco marinas use the Falco Agent app: ticketing service


What are your daily challanges?

Our main concern is to maintaining our work tool. Our job requires us to ensure seamless operations 24/7, 365 days a year. So it is essential for us to anticipate as many services as possible and to be able to react with short response time in case of anomalies that disturb the activity.

What do you see as the main professional challanges for the future ports?

There are several. Like all industries, we're going to have to adapt to energy and environmental challanges. Freshwater management is also going to become an issue in the coming years. We need to find appropriate and "clean" solutions.

What does Falco solution do for you?
Falco allows us to be more responsive in case of malfunction. It keeps meticulous records of our actions and simplifies tasks by replacing cumbersome Excel sheets.

What impact does the Falco solution have on your daily rutine?
Better visibility of the tasks to be carried out for our maintenance work and greater responsiveness.