Today, we introduce you to Maxime, sales manager, who joined us in October. 

Bienvenue, Maxime ! 


What's your role at Falco? 

I arrived as sales manager at Falco alongside my colleague, Yann Guais.  

My job is to develop Falco's position with our clients, the marinas. This mission requires me to be present on the field with the client teams and to follow up on the entire sales cycle.  

I have a very business-oriented role: from prospecting and product presentation, to advising and closing, I also account for the role of account manager. I follow up on our the customer relationships, while the operations and support teams coordinate the deployment of our products at the customer's marina. closing, mais j’assure aussi le rôle d’account manager. J’assure le suivi de la relation commerciale tandis que les équipes opérations et support coordonnent les déploiements chez les clients. 

I'm also involved in the strategic development of Falco's offer and in the scalability of the company.  


Can you tell us a few words about your background? 

I graduated as a Materials Engineer, but I decided to move away from the pure technical side of things to get closer to a more business-oriented activity.  

My choice led me to spend almost 3 years as a Business Manager in a consulting firm. First as a business engineer and then as a branch manager, I managed about twenty engineers in the aeronautics, space and defense sectors.  

With a thirst for fresh air, I was looking for a structure where my work would have a direct impact on the company's development.  

I was able to embark on the Falco adventure in October. 


Why have you chosen to work at Falco? 

First of all, a human-sized structure, a sector that attracts me and especially a great first exchange with Elsa, the CEO. Then, a team of experts, each in their own field. Finally, the timing, in the midst of scalability, my role could be decisive. I immediately hooked on the project! 

My taste for technology and innovation having led me to study engineering, I was looking to apply my skills to the development of innovative products and solutions following my experience as a manager in an IT company. Combining commercially the current importance of digital with the concreteness of hardware delighted my expectations.  


Tell us something about yourself! 

I love to learn and discover new things, meet new people and enjoy life! 

Having been raised outdoors (long live Brittany!) and on the water, I am passionate about water sports. I have been kitesurfing since I was 14 years old, and I devote a (large) part of my free time to it. Now in Paris for 3 years, I compensate the lack of water with other sports and activities (wakeboard, mountain bike, motorcycle...).