Le lancement officiel du projet européen OpenSwarm, qui réunit 9 partenaires prestigieux - aussi bien des industriels, tels que Siemens ou Analog Devices, que des institutions de recherche et des PMEs, a eu lieu au centre Inria de Paris les 26 et 27 janvier.

OpenSwarm a pour ambition de développer des technologies pour l'Internet des objets (IoT).

We will be developing the technological components to pave the way for future innovations within the IoT. Particular emphasis will be placed on smart sensors, which have the capacity to interact within dynamic, connected networks." - explains Thomas Watteyne, in the interview realized by Inria Paris, the project coordinator.

The technologie developed will have multiple applications, it could be used for instance in the agricultural sector or in the industry. Other possible application include the monitoring of sound pollution in marine protected areas (using a buoy equipped with microphones). Falco is in charge of the realization of the marine sector related proof of concept.

Website of the project: https://openswarm.eu/