The CCI Vendée chose the Falco connected solution to monitor the presence of their boats in Port-Joinville, a marina on the Ile d'Yeu. 

In October 2020, our team deployed 200 "presence" sensors on the marina transient slips. The sensors are connected to a web interface allowing the Harbour Master's Office to monitor slip occupancy and location in real time. 


Falco : Why did the CCI Vendée decide to deploy the Falco solution? What was the CCI Vendée's problem? 

C.G : The problem was the time spent by agents looking for available berths, either by boat or from the Harbour Master's Office. During the slip assignments, it was common for a customer's assigned slip to be occupied, despite the daily inventory.   

In addition, we did not have the information of when the slips became available or not between the dock water plan inventories.  

Falco: How are presence sensors used? Have these sensors changed the way teams work? 

C.G : We have a control screen with the permanent occupancy of our slips, so when a boat contacts us for a berth we can transmit the information directly to the boater or the agent on the water. 

Falco : What is the feedback from the marina's agents regarding the implemented solutions? 

C.G : Falco makes our work easier. Thanks to the Falco solution, we can update slip occupancy in real time and provide boaters with reliable information.  

Falco : What improvements have you seen in the 2021 season? 

C.G : Thanks to the solution, we have significantly improved our quality and speed of reception. We no longer get feedback from customers on assigned berths that are occupied, which generates extra waiting and maneuvering for boaters and work for the teams to find a new location. It has also allowed us to gain speed and efficiency on our check-ins.  

Falco : What is your strategy for the 2022 season, what are your upcoming projects? 

C.G : The goal is to continue to become familiar with this new tool in order to deploy it in our other marinas.