Welcome to Jonas, assistant of Jim Lamarche, GM Falco Americas Corp.

Welcome on board!


What's your role at Falco?

I am glad to join Falco as assistant GM of Falco's US subsidiary. I'll take part in Falco's international development (USA) along with Jim Lamarche.

First, I'll spend several months in Paris learning how our company functions, from the managment and sales to the support and maintenance. I'll also acquire perfect knowledge of our product and service offering. This first "immersion" in the Falco environment will help me work with Jim on the East Cost later on. My mission will become more operational.

Can you tell us a few words about your background?

I am currently doing my end of study trainingship in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in EDHEC Business School.  During my studies, I was lucky to do an exchange of 1 year in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a second exchange of one year at Nanyang Technological University in Singapour.  Now, I would like to apply the knowledge that I have accumulated over the past four years.

Why did you choose Falco?

I chose Falco for several reasons. With nearly 15 years of experience in the nautical and boating sector, after sailing dinghies and keel boats, after having worked as sailing coach and port agent, I got immediately hooked on the project and found a great potential in it. First of all, I wanted to be in an environment that I am found of and that stimulates me. The second reason was the human-sized structure, a team that shares a common passion and the period of scalability.

Tell us something about yourself!

I had the chance to travel a lot when I was a child. These experiences make that I like meeting new people, discovering new cultures, tasting new dishes and exploring new landscapes. I am creatif and curious so I am always looking for new things to learn.

I grew up in the Alpes and near the water, so I like a lot water and mountain sports. I practice kitesurfing, sailing, skiing, diving, swimming and hiking... Happy to be on board!